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Opinion: Does technology help or hurt?

Isaiah Archuleta, Staff writer

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Technology is what shapes the world today.

It has an effect on everything humans do, from how we communicate, see, learn, and experience things.

We naturally don’t want to work harder but smarter and this is our outcome of millions of years doing work. All that work that we take for granted.

The majority of today’s young adult and teen generation age has a social problem — more like a technical problem, because everything can be found or done at the touch of a phone or computer. This has made us lazy and even vulnerable.

What if an electromagnetic pulse wiped us of our electronics?

It’d be back to the old fashioned way of doing things, where many kids will not no what do without their technology. They would have to go outside and play hide and go seek. They would have to try to think of their own games to play with the neighborhood kids.

Mothers and fathers would be able to concentrate more on life without a buzz or chime going off every minute or so distracting them from their kids.

Unemployed people could finally go back to work to where their job was taken by a machine.

So tell me do we really need more technology to make life more simpler or do we control what technology is capable of?

Would ridding technology allow us to focus more on making us quicker in between the ears?

The choice is up to you.

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The student news site of Farmington High School
Opinion: Does technology help or hurt?