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Opinion: Always be alert

Michael Romero, Managing editor

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It’s good to live our lives with the feeling of always being safe, thinking that nothing could possibly go wrong.

Being safe means that nothing can harm us physically or mentally, but are we always safe? The answer is no.

We aren’t always safe. There are dangers all around us that we might not be aware of. We need to be alert. We need to have a sense of what is going on around us. We need to be ready to take on whatever threat is among us.

Recent tragic events have caused people to talk to their children about talking to strangers, and just because we are teenagers in high school, there’s no reason we shouldn’t have to sit through this same conversation.

Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t take rides from people you don’t know. Call your parents and check in when you are out with friends. Remember to tell people where you are going. Pay attention to your surroundings. Help out those in need.

Bad things can happen to us at the hands of other people. Bad things can happen to those young or old. Bad things can happen and when they do, we will be left with just one question: why?

Just because we are young, doesn’t mean that we can’t be hurt. We always tell ourselves that nothing bad could ever happen to us, but that’s just not true.

The purpose of this is not to strike fear into your hearts, but to serve as a reminder that we should all be careful and aware of what’s going on around us.

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Opinion: Always be alert