Little History of a Big School

Mia Lucero and Chenoa Anderson

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In 1952, Farmington High School was born. Little did the population know, that this seemingly insignificant school would become part of the backbone of San Juan County. It’s walls have seen thousand of faces, a variety of ethnicities, and a plethora of teachers and students, some of whom still have an impact on local society today. The construction of the new building has unified the previous strict social standing of the haves and have-nots. Today, you see students of all interests interacting with one another, regardless of social-class. The inner “football jock,” and “band nerd,” dwell within the same person, killing the stigma that the two are to never interact.

Construction of the new high school began in 2015. The 100 and 200 buildings were the first to be demolished making room for the new A building. The A building was finished in the summer of  2016, opening the following school year to the teachers and students, giving instructors new classrooms and gadgets to teach with. Students are expected to move into the new D building after Christmas break. This will include math and science classes and what is called the, “FAB,” lab. The FAB lab is replacing one of the commons for students who are part of engineering and robotics, making the creation process easier and more fun. In addition to this is the C building, which will include the cafeteria, and library, while the B building while be reserved for administration. In regards to the layout of the new school, principal Kienitz said, “…you won’t have to climb stairs, so if you’re already on the second floor and have a class on the other side of the building, your able to stay on the same level and go across what is kind of a catwalk. So that’s gonna be good, has great views, nice windows.”

The Construction of a new school allows the chaotic campus to be one again. Currently, the layout of the campus is less than ideal, with three main sections: the math portables, the science building with portables, and a group of original buildings. (Gym, 400, and A building). Each of these are fairly far apart. This can cause an abundance of tardies, troubles for people with injuries, and communication issues. “I think it’s going to be a lot safer to have one big building, because right now, that to me is my biggest concern. We have all these buildings spread out, so there are so many places for kids to be where they shouldn’t be.” said Mrs. Rogers, a Language Arts teacher. This was a major problem last year, as many students were ditching or showing up to late to class. Mrs. Murray, who is also a Language Arts teacher spoke on another issue. “There are some drawbacks right now, which I hope will get fixed with the new building open. Those will kind of ease up. Parking, parking with students is scary.”

The new building is expected to be done by winter break this year as a sort of Christmas present for students and staff. The anticipation can be felt throughout the school as more and more progress is made, which will allow teachers from different departments to congregate. Students are also expected to get a morale-boost when they arrive on campus equipped with a brand new building It’s the end of an era, that will dawn the coming of a modern generation.

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Little History of a Big School