Fashionable Considerations in 2018

Mia Lucero, Staff Writer

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Fashion showcases a deep set truth about ourselves. It exhibits what we feel, what we enjoy, what we’re comfortable with, how we grew up. Fashion is a form of identity. Whether one is meticulous in the aesthetic of the colors and fabrics, or only interested in the practicality of the garment, personal style plays an integral part in who we are.

Although the Winter season has been uncharacteristically warm, recent fashion trends have not been altered to fit the strange weather. Recent trends have proven that old styles can be revived to suit a modern lifestyle. Through the use of classic fabrics like velvet, light wash jean, and a classic tartan, a vintage flair is present throughout new pieces. The body of the actual garment however, is composed of a simplistic frame. This gives the piece a vibe that is uniquely millennial. Tartan is taking center stage this year and is showcased throughout Chanel’s new Winter 2017-2018 collection. The framework for most of the pieces remains the same with the iconic, “Woman on Wall Street,” flair, but are given a Winteresque connotation with neutral but cooling tones of grey, white, black, which are offset by burgundy to tie in the Autumnal months. Thick fabrics and tightly knitted wool give the piece sustenance. Chloé, however, has taken a vastly different approach to its line. It is composed mostly of delicate silk and lace dresses dawned with floral patterns of warm tones and blush slips that lay under the otherwise see through drapery. In order to tie the otherwise Spring oriented pieces into the colder months, these tea-length dresses are often paired with heavy leather and wool jackets.

Winter is generally regarded as a season filled with heavy fabrics and homely-prints, but luxury brands have revived the tired articles of clothing with lace and summer pieces that have only been coupled with heavy fabrics by necessity. Fashion began and was originally driven by necessity, and as time went on, the aesthetic of the pieces were prioritized over their performance fit for the elements. Today’s style, though, is made to be malleable to a modern lifestyle while staying true to an inventive appearance. Effortless style is essential to 2018.

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Fashionable Considerations in 2018