Insight on the Architecture

Samuel Hatfield, Staff Writer

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With the end of 2018 and the start if a brand new year, our school has gotten something else entirely brand new.  The construction of the new Farmington High School building is completed, and we no longer have any need for the old portables and bungalows which used to be scattered across our school grounds.  The large and modernly styled building and campus have many interesting aspects of their design.

One of the design choices of the new campus that will probably effect the average attendee is that all classes are now located in a single building.  Many will see this as a good thing, as navigating from classroom to classroom will be less complicated and will take up less time in the average person’s day.  Even taking simple chores like these out of our days may make them much easier.  However, others would argue that staying in the same building all day could become repetitive and draining, with going outside already becoming quite a rare activity.  What the general public opinion will come to be is yet to be determined.

Another aspect to consider is purely aesthetic.  The visual design of a workplace can certainly effect the moods and attitudes of those who are working there.  The color patterns that will most often be seen in the new building are those of varying shades of white and gray, with much of the interior being material such as drywall.  Many people may find comfort in the modern design choices of the building and the soft, dull color choices.  At the same time, many may complain that the materials used appear cheap and plastic-like, and that they find the colors often used mood-dampening.

There are many aspects of the new campus’ such as these ones that could be thoroughly debated in the near future, and only time will tell which of these opinions will come to be commonplace among the general school populous in the near future.

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Insight on the Architecture