The New Athletic Director

Gillian Richardson, Staff Writer

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Sports. A male dominant category usually ranging from football, all the way to golf. Many people shy away and shake their heads at the idea of a women being in any position with these sports. Referring to how women don’t understand the sport, or how it wouldn’t be viable. Others extremely embrace these ideas of women becoming more involved and accepted in this realm of competition and entertainment.

Many people work hard to organize these sports. Whether it’s the high school basketball tournaments, or the windy soccer games in September, there is multiple people making sure these days go well and correct. The athletic coordinator and coaches work together to have a smooth play and hopefully a home win. In fact, the coordinator here at Farmington High is none other than a woman herself.

Ms. Jaquez is FHS’ first female athletic coordinator in the history of this school. What an athletic coordinator does is stressful and calendar filling. They are there before every game and after every game setting up, and taking down. Although always busy, Ms. Jaquez teaches Honors English classes throughout the day, and form deeper more meaningful connections with her students to help them through the classes. She was also student here at FHS, and comes back every year to teach and watch the students she brought up grow into graduates.

Being a female athletic coordinator is a challenging job. Little to zero other women in other high schools have this kind of opportunity or offer.

Ms.Jaquez tips her hat to her military backgrounds, saying it helped her shape how she handles such stressful time periods of sports. Along with this she is a head-strong woman which people tend to over look or dismiss when looking for athletic qualities, whether it be a leader or a player.

This is an amazing turn around for the world of sports organizations. Athletic jobs are for men and women. Putting more women into these positions can really motivate young girls to become something big in the sports industry, and get rid of sexism in the sports world. So next time you see a women organizing your favorite game, give them a hand, because they worked hard to be there.

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The New Athletic Director