Importance of Shoes

Gabby Ruelas, Staff Writer

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Have you ever really taken the time out to think about your shoes? Come on now, they have soles, too. Not only are shoes protection for your feet, but they are part of your body language, they way you walk, look and feel.

Shoes basically take bullets for you every day. Remember that one time that   you stepped on a piece of gum and got it stuck to the bottom of your shoe? Or when your neighbors dog left a little surprise in your yard? Would you rather your feet take

the heat? Without shoes, your feet would be a disastrous use for transportation. Come on now, we use our feet to get around, so when our feet are comfortable, we feel more comfortable. If you were to wear tight fitting shoes to where it’s painful to walk around, you probably  wont be the happiest person to be around all day.

Shoes can be like an abusive relationship, you might have had a beautiful relationship in the past with your shoes and they might look nice but on the inside they are beating your poor little toes black an blue, you need to get them out of there and find a better, more supportive shoe. A shoe that will take care of your little toes and make you feel more comfortable in your surroundings.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the main purpose of shoes is for the protection of your feet, but is that really the most important thing you are looking for when you try to find new shoes? Women don’t just wear heels for their comfort and the amazingly wonderful support that they give our feet, but in my opinion, shoes are what ties the whole look together. It brings your attention to the whole piece instead of just one particular element, so you’re getting the whole package. Others might think, what’s the point? Shoes are shoes who cares if they are off brands you bought from Walmart, or $200 named brands? Maybe the comfort of a shoe is just enough for you, but for others shoes are a big deal.

Now coming from a girl, high heel shoes are not the most comfortable shoes ever, in fact, I can’t even handle one hour of my feet in these death traps. Why do we torture our feet like this? What’s the point? It’s because we look amazing, and frankly I feel more confident when I walk in heels rather then when I walk around in my sneakers but then again these shoes are literally meant for the height, more taller people might not feel this confidence for fear of looking “Too tall.”

If you really put some thought into it, shoes have a really big impact on your everyday life, so next time really think about your shoes. Don’t just walk all over them like they’re nothing.

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Importance of Shoes