Technology and the Age Gap

Chenoa Anderson, Staff Writer

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Technology is a big part of our daily lives, from our vehicles to our phones. They make life easier, yet it can be quite difficult to keep up. With technology constantly evolving and taking things to the next level, there are some instances where older generations are expecting something more telling of the future. It’s a bit of disappointing to know that we don’t have holograms or cool flying cars… yet.

The evolution of technology has changed many lives, from medical to everyday. It’s no wonder that many of us expect more every year. Technology is a constant, and someone is always making it better and easier. Now we have all these amazing devices that would blow someone’s mind ten years ago or have them think, “What’s the point of that device. This can do the exact same thing.” Of course, the older generations wouldn’t know what to do with the many functions, since it was getting introduced to us, millennial and generation Z, at that time. The reason for much of the dismay of the older generation is that technology has integrated itself into many aspects of everyday life. For them, it was a gradual change, until the internet. Changing the way they would interact with future generations and leaving behind a life of simplicity.

We have left behind a generation of people with the introduction of the internet. This has caused them to not quite understand how it works and how it is more useful to us than the library.  It hasn’t replaced books. It has simply made life easier and more accessible to information rather than having to take time or planning a day to go to the library. The problem is that for older generations, baby boomers and Generation X, is that they find it more convenient to go and get a newspaper or go to the library. It’s what they grew up on, it’s essentially trying to change the way a person lives. You can adapt to the new way of doing something or just continue with the one you’ve always known. Learning to use the internet and social media is the same reasoning here.

Next time you see an older person struggling with electronics and they are asking you a million questions, be patient. They come from a time where it was one and done. Now a days it’s more one, two, three and more. It also doesn’t help that they haven’t really heard of most of the functions, causing some more confusion. When you see them trying to set up their electronic, be considerate and ask if they need help or if they have any questions.

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Technology and the Age Gap