“…And In Conclusion…”

Chenoa Anderson, Staff Writer

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The end is near for many students for their high school career coming to a close. We’re done with the teachers, the dress codes that no body truly follows and constantly changing classes every hour to learn a new subject. Worst of all,  is reading Shakespeare year after year… along with many other stories that are “essential” to literature. What’s really essential is realizing that all of this is coming to an end.

We are coming to an end, just three months away. Not everyone is leaving but it’s been a journey with the people you’ve gone to school with for a long time or maybe just this year. We all have a general idea of what we want to spend the next year or so doing. Whether that’s going straight into job, college, military or taking a year. Before we start all that though, we have to complete these last two and half months and exams. Not the most exciting thing, either. Some of us are burnt out from years of going to school and graduation is just right there. In arms reach, yet so far away. Except we know that we are going to keep turning in work and passing our classes, with a ‘D’ or an ‘A’. This is probably why we deemed being burnt out as senioritis, because checking out early sounds so much better than being mentally there.

Three months is not long, we’ve all got our own ways and will eventually miss this place for the familiarity and not having so many responsibilities. Except now, the future will have to wait and assignments need to be turned in. Not only that, but it will be all worth it when we walk across the stage on May 17 and get handed our diploma and part our ways with many we’ve become acquainted with.

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“…And In Conclusion…”