Throwing Hands in the Halls

Chenoa Anderson, Staff Writer

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Plenty of people get into fights every day. Some find this entertaining and will run towards the ruckus in hopes to witness the first punch and the punches that will follow. Rarely to help though, since not many people want to be “that” person who stops a good fight. This is a problem, and it doesn’t help when you have a crowd of people encouraging you to punch the other person. Most of the time the problem can be dealt with before fists start to fly.

In a direct interview with, Mr. Kienitz discussed the fighting that has happened in the last year. “You can narrow it down to a relationship that went bad,” he said. Of course, that’s not the only reason that people fight. They can be brought into a fight because they don’t like one another, or they look at another person and the other person takes it out of context and they start arguing and punches can be thrown. The next time you walk down the hall, make sure you don’t accidentally shoot the wrong look toward someone who will overreact. Most of the time things can be solved just by ignoring or talking to another person rather than setting a time, date and where the fight will take place or perhaps we should keep to ourselves like we learned in kindergarten.

In terms of the new building, we haven’t see as many fights previously, and this could be attributed to the newness of the building. However, not long ago, a fight happened during B lunch. Kienitz said it may be that the newness is getting worn down and now people are just reverting back to how students acted prior to being in the new building. To try and stop this problem, he set up a “meeting” in the old gym about the issues and how students should behave more appropriately when these types of problems happen. This is due to the safety issues that wouldn’t allow the staff to get to the people involved. This is why he tells us to take off hats, have supervision, and advisory about keeping the school safe. This is all to keep us, the students who go to FHS, safe. He’s not doing this because he hates students and wants everyone to suffer, you can wait until you’re outside to wear a hat… which is actually more appropriate than wearing one indoors.

Students involved face a consequence of 5-10 days of suspension. If they’ve had a discipline issue more than three times, the student, administration and parent(s)/guardian will have an informal hearing and try to solve the problem. If this continues to happen or the student is uncooperative, s/he will have a formal hearing and may be expelled or long-term suspended.

Many people who get into fights, generally don’t think about the image that they depict to others. As a matter in fact, the only thing you really know is that people in school will be talking about the fight. However, as word gets around, it spreads to outside the school. You can hear about a fight that happened at Piedra Vista due to the fact that you may have friends or family who go there. When you hear about multiple fights going on at a school, you wonder what is going on there and question how well the staff is running the school. It reflects badly on both the students and the staff, causing people to question the credibility of the school. It’s like an alternative high school, many people tend to think the worst of you when you tell them where you went because of the reputation of their students, even though they may have had a rough time or just decided that it fit their time better.

The cause of many fights can be dealt with beforehand, and it’s often not worth missing 5-10 days of school.  You can’t rely on your fighting abilities to get you through life; especially as you get older, which may end with a court date and finding yourself in anger management. More often than not, it results in more problems.

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Throwing Hands in the Halls