Taking a Pregnant Pause

Gillian Richardson, Staff Writer

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In the United States alone, over 220,000 babies were born in the year 2015 from teenage pregnancies and roughly 1 in 4 girls will be pregnant before the age of 20, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Although there has been a major 9% decrease in teen pregnancy numbers, pregnancy in adolescents is still very common. A 2016 study shows that New Mexico holds a spot in the top 10 of teen pregnancy rates here in the United States.

Many people would argue that schools should provide better, improved sexual education amongst their older and matured students. Continuously spreading the awareness and dangers of STDs, STIs, and pregnancy will benefit how teenagers begin to think (as a whole). While there are requirements for every state to give some form of sexual education, this education is not equal throughout. Some kids will receive thorough, well understood material while others will only be taught a vague increment. Thorough education about these topics will lead to better understanding and increases in responsible decisions upon various actions. “While economic and geographical factors can play a significant in teen pregnancy, there’s a wider social issue at play.” Says Community Commons.

As well as social issues, developed country standards around the world vary on how they choose to approach sexual education. Many countries abroad have a better hold on how to properly educate their children and teenagers on safe sex, pregnancy prevention, and STDs. According to BBC UK teen pregnancies fell 6.8% from 2013 to 2014. In 1998 the government established a goal to reduce teen pregnancy by half in England and Whales and was met in 2010, only 6 years after it was initiated. Other countries such as the Netherlands (4%) and Denmark (4%) approach sexual education in a more biological way, teaching their kids to better understand that these choices will effect them for their lifetime.

A lot ofSchool is an environment for students to learn and grow. Unfortunately, as we grow we may fall into some troubles with peer pressure of friends and those surrounding us. While many teens understand peer pressure is bad, many still find themselves falling victim to and participating in such activities as sexual interaction. Giving kids a better sexual education can help them understand the effects of such things, helping lower peer pressure.

While teen pregnancy rates have dropped tremendously, it is still very important to educate teenagers and kids about their bodies and how to deal with certain situations. By giving teens the material and all the proper knowledge, it can help them form their own opinions and educated thoughts on decisions they’re going to have to make.

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Taking a Pregnant Pause