Chips Are Up on Both

Gabby Ruelas, Staff Writer

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Chipotle and Costa Vida. Both are similar in many ways such as portion, choices, and the setting. Though they might not taste the same, the biggest similarity was great tasting food. Not that the taste was the same in both, but the taste in each was their own story.

The first thing noticeable in both Chipotle and Costa Vida are their food bars following a line of hungry people almost reaching the doors. If that doesn’t tell you the food is good, what does? The food bars were both filled with many options to choose from such as meat, cheese, and other toppings. Chipotle seemed to have had more control over me just by picking up a spoon and saying, “It’s an extra charge.”  How could you say no when the spoon is already scooped up ready for your burrito? I recommend the tacos from Costa Vida. By the very end of the day, I was still full.

The settings were both nice, but the total opposites. Costa Vida was very colorful and had an exceedingly calm vibe to it. Chipotle was basic, yet very neat and well put together. They both have a food bar as well as the same drinks. We found that the windows were our favorite parts in Chipotle because it brightened up the place a little, while our favorite part about Cost Vida was the colorful setting.

The portions had a huge positive effect on our stomachs. From Chipotle we bought a burrito bigger then an average size head, two bites and you would be full. From Costa Vida, we got a little carried away and bought tacos (of course) nachos, and a mini Tres Leches Cake. We left as very satisfied customers.

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Chips Are Up on Both