2017-2018 Staff

Destiny Francis


I enjoy traveling, adventure, and doing new things every chance I get. I’m a big thinker and believer in many things such as life itself. This world is so interesting and needs to be known.  I would like to become a lawyer...

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Gillian Richardson


Being around various writing styles my entire life has really struck me to be more involved with writing itself. I’m also in a technical broadcasting class. With that class I plan to become a video editor or fall into a more...

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Gabby Ruelas


I may not speak all that’s on my mind but the words I write pack a big punch. In the future, I hope to finish high school and then go to college to study marine biology. Marine biology has always been the path I wanted to take...

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Chenoa Anderson


I enjoy taking photos and hope to one day become a freelance photographer. When I first started taking photos, it wasn’t serious. I started with an iPhone 6, which was the start (mostly mediocre photos) until I finally got a...

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Mia Lucero


My name is Mia Lucero, and I’ve been a part of the Journalism program for three years. I would consider myself to be a passionate person because I’ve always felt strongly about human rights and felt as though I have a strong...

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Samuel Hatfield


Samuel Alexander Palmer Hatfield is a 15-year old Sophomore student at Farmington High School. Born in Portland, Oregon, and gifted in English, he gained an interest in journalism due to his desire to offer fair reporting of good...

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